BOLTS SCREWS NAILS PADS AND OTHER In our offer there are connecting elements made of metal. Products may be covered with the highest quality zinc, which provides not only pretty look but also durability and corrosion protection. We also offer colored galvanization , which has different properties.

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BOLTS SCREWS NAILS PADS AND OTHER We offer elements with resistant to acid and fire coating, and also especially resistant to corrosion. Ideally suited for cellulose industry, food industry and marine industry.

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Stairs and metal stepsGALVANIZED

Steel stairs and steps made in the specific designs and dimensions. Perfect for halls and factories as well as other industrial facilities.

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About us is a nationwide distributor of metal.  We are company located in Radom that works with suppliers and customers throughout the country, constantly expanding the offer and customer base.

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Why us?

Because we are a strong family company, which aim for the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We provide it through high standards of service and competitive prices. Additionally, through selective choice of partners we ensure the quality of our products.

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